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Aristov Yu.I.,
New Family of Materials for Adsorption Cooling: Material Scientist Approach, J. Eng. Thermophys., 16 (2), pp. 63-72 (2007).

Aristov Yu.I.,
Novel Materials for Adsorptive Heat Pumping and Storage: Screening and Nanotailoring of Sorption Properties, J. Chem. Eng. Japan, 40 (13), pp. 1241-1251 (2007).

Aristov Yu.I., (Chalaev D., Dawoud B., Heifets L.I., Popel O., Restuccia G.),
Solar Driven Adsorptive Chiller: At the Interfaces Between Chemical and Thermal Engineering, Chem. Eng. J., 134 (1-3), pp. 58-65 (2007).

Avdeev V.I., (Kovalchuk V.I.), Zhidomirov G.M., (d'Itri J.L.),
Models of Active Sites in Supported Cu Metal Catalysts in 1, 2-Dichloroethane Dechlorination. DFT Analysis, J. Struct. Chem., supply_48 (2007) pp. S160-S170.

Avdeev V.I., (Kovalchuk V.I.), Zhidomirov G.M., (d'Itri J.L.),
DFT Analysis of the Mechanism of 1, 2-Dichloroethane Dechlorination on Supported Cu-Pt Bimetallic Catalysts, J. Struct. Chem., supply_48 (2007) pp. S171-S183.

(Bavykin D.V.), Dubovitskaya V.P., Vorontsov A.V., Parmon V.N.,
Effect of TiOSO4 Hydrothermal Hydrolysis Conditions on TiO2 Morphology and Gas-Phase Oxidative Activity, Res. Chem. Intermed., 33 (3-5), pp. 449-464 (2007).

Bobrova I.I., Bobrov N.N., Simonova L.G., Parmon V.N.,
Direct Catalytic Oxidation of Methane to Formaldehyde: New Investigation Opportunities Provided by an Improved Flow Circulation Method, Kinet. Catal., 48 (5), pp. 676-692 (2007).

Bryliakov K.P.,
Post-Metallocene Catalysts for Olefin Polymerisation, Russ. Chem. Rev., 76 (3), pp. 253-277 (2007).

Bukhtiyarov V.I.,
Modern Trends in the Development of Surface Science as Applied to Catalysis. The Elucidation of the Structure-Activity Relationships in Heterogeneous Catalysts, Russ. Chem. Rev., 76 (6), pp. 553-581 (2007).

Bukhtiyarov V.I.,
Catalysis and Physico-Chemical Methods, "Industrial Catalysis. Lectures", Ed. A.S. Noskov, Moscow, Kalvis, (2006) pp. 9-40.

Ismagilov Z.R., Khairulin S.R., Yashnik S.A., (Ilyukhin I.V.),
Catalytic SO2 Reduction for Purification of Waste Gases of Nonferrous-Metals Industry. Technologies and Catalysts, Herald of al-Farabi Kazakh National University, ser. Chem., 3 (47), pp. 45-63 (2007).

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Advances in the Development of New Catalysts for Ethylene and alfa-Olefin Polymerization, Russ. Chem. Rev., 76 (7), pp. 617-637 (2007).

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Fixed Bed Reactors with Gradient Catalyst, "Chemical Engineering Research Trends", Ed. Leon P. Berton, Nova Publishers, 3 (2007) pp. 127-201.

Kholdeeva O.A., Maksimovskaya R.I.,
Ti- and Zr-Monosubstituted Polyoxometalates as Molecular Models for Studying Mechanisms of Oxidation Catalysis, J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem., 262 (1-2), pp. 7-24 (2007).

(Kireev S.E.), Kuksheva E.A., (Snytnikov A.V., Snytnikov N.V.), Snytnikov V.N., (Vshivkov V.A.),
Strategies for Development of a Parallel Program for Protoplanetary Disc Simulation, Lect. Notes Comput. Sci., "Parallel Comput. Technol.", 4671 (2007) pp. 128-139.

(Koptyug I.V.), Lysova A.A., (Kovtunov K.V., Zhivonitko V.V., Khomichev A.V., Sagdeev R.Z.),
Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Multifunctional Tool for the Investigation of the Properties of Materials, Transport Processes and Catalytic Reactions, Russ. Chem. Rev., 76 (6), pp. 583-598 (2007).

(van de Loosdrecht), Bal’zhinimaev B.S., (Dalmon J.-A., Niemantsverdriet J.W.), Tsybulya S.V., (Saib A.M., van Berge P.J., Visagie J.L.),
Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Deactivation by Oxidation?, Catal. Today, 123 (1-4), pp. 293-302 (2007).

Lukyanov B.N.,
Catalytic Reformers with Membrane Separation of Hydrogen, Chem. Sustain. Devel., 15 (6), pp. 625-641 (2007).

Makarshin L.L., Parmon V.N.,
Microchannel Catalytic Systems for Hydrogen Energetics, Russ. J. General Chem., 77 (4), pp. 676-684 (2007).

Parmon V.N., Noskov A.S.,
Innovative Potential of Catalytic Technologies, Catal. Ind., 4 (2007) pp. 3-18.

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Carbon Materials and Their Physico-Chemical Properties, "Industrial Catalysis. Lectures:, Ed. A.S. Noskov, Moscow, Kalvis, 4 (2007) pp. 7-110.

Sadykov V.A., Kuznetsova T.G., Alikina G.M., Frolova Yu.V., Lukashevich A.I., Muzykantov V.S., Rogov V.A., Batuev L.Ch., Kriventsov V.V., Kochubey D.I., Moroz E.M., Zyuzin D.A., Paukshtis E.A., Burgina E.B., Trukhan S.N., Ivanov V.P., Pinaeva L.G., Ivanova Yu.A., (Kostrovskii V.G., Neophytides S., Kemnitz E., Scheurel K., Mirodatos C.),
Ceria-Based Fluorite-Like Oxide Solid Solutions Promoted by Precious Metals as Catalysts of Methane Transformation into Syngas, In "New Topics in Catalysis Research", Ed. David McReynolds, ISBN 1-60021-286-7. Nova Science Publishers Inc,, (2006) pp. 97-196.

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The Nature of Autocatalysis in the Butlerov Reaction, Kinet. Catal., 48 (2), pp. 245-254 (2007).

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Studying Instability of 3D Collisionless Systems on Stochastic Trajectories, Collective Phenomena in Macroscopic Systems, World. Sci. Pub. Inc., Eds. G. Bertin, R. Pozzoli, M. Romo, K.R. Screenivasan,, (2007) pp.280-285.

Talsi E.P., Bryliakov K.P., Semikolenova N.V., Zakharov V.A., (Bochmann M.),
Key Intermediates in Metallocene- and Post-Metallocene-Catalyzed Polymerization, Kinet. Catal., 48 (4), pp. 490-504 (2007).

Tikhov S.F., (Kuzmin A.E., Bespalko Yu.N., Kurkin V.I.), Sadykov V.A., (Bogolepova E.I.), Tsybulya S.V., Kalinkin A.V., ordovin V.P., Salanov A.N., Zaikovskii V.I., Shavorsky A.A.,
ZrFe Intermetallides for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Pure and Encapsulated into Alumina-Containing Matrices, Stud. Surf. Sci. Catal., 163 (2007) pp. 153-175.

(Trenikhin M.V., Kozlov A.G.), Nizovskii A.I., (Drozdov V.A., Lavrenov A.V., Bubnov A.V., Finevich V.P., Duplyakin V.K.),
Activated Aluminum: Features of Production and Application in the Synthesis of Catalysts for Pertochemistry and Oil Processing, Russ. J. General Chem., 77 (12), pp. 2320-2327 (2007).

Vshivkov V.A., Stoyanovskaya O.P.,
On One Approach to the W-Methods Construction for Stiff ODE Systems, 12 (4), pp. 42-51 (2007).

(Vshivkov V.A., Chernykh G.G.), Stoyanovskaya O.P., (Snytnikov A.V.),
Application of the ChemPAK Package for Modeling of Gas-Dynamics Reactor, Comput. Technol., 11 (1), pp. 35-51 (2006).

Zagoruiko A.N.,
Unsteady Catalytic Processes and Sorption-Catalytic Technologies, Russ. Chem. Rev., 76 (7), pp. 639-654 (2007).


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