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Andrushkevich T.V., Popova G.Ya., Al'kayeva E.M., (Makarenko M.G.), Zenkovets G.A.,
New Partial Oxidation Processes: Synthesis of Formic and Nicotinic Acids. Khim. Prom., 3 (1996) 65-168 (in Russian).

Anikeev V.I., Gudkov A.V., Yermakova A.,
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Solid-Phase Transformations of Mechanically Activated Alumina under Thermal Treatment. Chemistry for Sustainable Development, 4 ( 1996) 15-26.

Anikeev V.I., Yermakova A., Gudkov A.V.,
Energy-Chemical Coal Processing. 3. Fisher-Tropsch Synthesis of Light and Heavy Hydrocarbon Fuels from Coal Gasification Products. Chemistry for Sustainable Development, 4 (1996) 121-132.

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Selective Oxidation of Methane by Dinitrogen Monoxide on FeZSM-5 Zeolites. Ab Initio Quantum Chemical Analysis. Catal. Lett. , 40 ( 1996) 17-23.

(Arena F., Frusteri F., Parmaliana A.), Plyasova L., Shmakov A.,
Effect of Calcination on the Structure of Ni/MgO Catalyst: an X-ray Diffraction Study. J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. , 92(3) (1996) 469-471.

(Arico A.S., Giordano N.), Chuvilin A.L.,
Chemical and Morphological Characterization of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Based on a Quarternary Pt-Ru-Sn-W/C Anode. J. Appl. Electrochem., 26 (1996) 959-967.

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Fractal Structure of Base-Catalyzed Silica Aerogels Examined by TEM, SAXS and Porosimetry. React. Kinet. Catal. Lett. , 58(2) (1996) 367-375.

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Aristov Yu.I., Tokarev M.M., (Cacciola G., Restuccia G.),
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Avdeev V.I., Zhidomirov G.M.,
Methane Oxidative Addition to Pt(Cl) 2 (PH3) 2 and Pt(Cl) 2 (PH3) Complexes. Kinet. Katal. (Kinet. Catal.) , 37(5) (1996) 775-785 (in Russian).

Avdeeva L.B., Goncharova O.V., Kochubey D.I., Zaikovskii V.I., Plyasova L.M., Novgorodov B.N., Shaikhutdinov Sh.K.,
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Catalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides with Carbon as an Alternative Method of Flue Gases Purification. Chemistry for Sustainable Development, 4 (1996) 27-30.

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Influence of Adsorbed Radical Molecules Magnetic Moment on Superconducting Properties of HSSC Ceramics. Czechslovak J. of Phys., 46 (1996) 1299-1300.

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Belyi A.S.,
New Notions of Active Surface Composition of Reforming Catalysts. React. Kinet. Catal. Lett., 57(2) (1996) 349-359.

Belyi A.S., Lugovskoy A.I.,
New Reforming Catalysts. Khim. Prom., 3 (1996) 179-183(in Russian).

(Brands D.S., Poels E.K.), Krieger T.A., Makarova O.V. (Weber G., Veer S., Bliek A.),
The Relation between Reduction Temperature and Activity in Copper Catalyzed Ester Hydrogenolysis and Methanol Synthesis. Catal. Lett. , 36 (1996) 175-182.

Bukhtiyarov V.I., Prosvirin I.P., Kvon R.I.,
Application of Differential Charging for Analysis of Electronic Properties of Supported Silver. J. Electron Spectrosc. & Related Phenom., 77 (1996) 7-14.

Bulgakov N.N., Sadykov V.A.,
Surface Energies of Hematite Faces and Heats of Oxygen Adsorption: Calculations by Modified Semiempirical Interacting Bonds Method. React. Kinet. Catal. Lett., 58(2) (1996) 397-402.

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Isotopic Transient Kinetics Study of Adsorbed Oxygen Species over Silver Catalysts for Ethylene Epoxidation. Kinet. Katal. (Kinet. Catal.), 7(1) (III) Sulfates. Zh. Strukt. Khim., 37(2) (1996) 275-282(in Russian).

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The Employment of Mechanochemical Activation in Low-Waste, Energy Efficient Productions of Catalysts and Supports. Khim. Prom., 3 ( 1996) 152-159(in Russian).

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Chesnokov V.V., Buyanov R.A., Pokrovskaya S.A.,
A Mineral-Carbon-Based Mercuric Chloride Catalyst for Vinyl Chloride Synthesis. Khim. Prom. , 3 (1996) 169-172 (in Russian).

(Chung S.-C., Krueger S.), Ruzankin S.Ph., (Pacchioni G., Roesch N.).,
Effects of Relativity on the Ni-CO, Pd-CO, and Pt-CO Bonding Mechanism. A Constrained Space Orbital Variation Analysis of Density Functional Results. Chem. Phys. Lett. , 248 (1996) 109-115.

Detusheva L.G., Fedotov M.A., Kuznetsova L.I., Vlasov A.A., Likholobov V.A.,
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Book Review: Preparation of Catalysts VI (Stud. Surf. Sci. Catal., v. 91). Appl. Catal. A: General, 138(1) (1996) 156-158.

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Change of Catalyst Texture upon the Partial Filling of its Voids with Active Components, Coke, Sulfur, etc. J. Porous Mater., 2( 1996) 263-271.

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Texture of Coke Deposition on (-Al2O3 Biporous Granules under Kinetic and Diffusion Regimes. J. Porous Mater., 3(4) (1996) 23-32.

Fialko E.F., Kikhtenko A.V., Goncharov V.B., Zamaraev K.I.,
Ion Cyclotron Resonance Study of CO Oxidation in the Gas Phase in the Presence of Rhenium Cations with Carbonyl and Oxygen Ligands. Comparison with Heterogeneous Catalysis. Catal. Lett., 41 (1996) 7-11.

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Conversion of Methane to Synthesis Gas over Pt Electrode in a Cell with Solid Oxide Electrolyte. Catal. Lett. , 39 (1996) 209-211.

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Monolayer Physical Adsorption in Narrow Pores: Apparent Surface Dimension. React. Kinet. Catal. Lett., 58(1) (1996) 39-48.

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Formation of the Porous Structure of Zirconia and Binary Titania-Zirconia System Prepared by Precipitation. Kinet. Katal. (Kinet. Catal.), 37(4) (1996) 617-621 (in Russian).

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Energy-Chemical Coal Processing. Chemistry for Sustainable Development, 4 (1996).

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Influence of Coal Quality on the Yield of Target Products and Exergy Efficiency of Coal Conversion to Coke, Methanol, Heat and Energy through Intermediate Gasification. Chemistry for Sustainable Development, 4 (1996) 61-66.

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Design, Production and Perspectives of Honeycomb Catalysts Using for Environmental Protection in Russia. Khim. Prom., 4 (1996) 283-287 (in Russian).

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The Application of SIMS for the Quantitative Analysis of Ion-Induced CO Adsorption on Polycrystalline Ni. Poverkhnost, 9 ( 1996) 94-98 (in Russian).

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Formation of High-Temperature High-Porous Supports and Catalysts on the Base of Systems: MnOm-Al2O3 (M=Mg, Y, La, Si, Zr, Ce). Zh. Prikl. Khim. (Russ. J. of Appl. Chem.), 69(11) (1996) 1790-1800 (in Russian).

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Photocatalytic Pollutant Removal in Water at Room Temperature: Case Study of the Total Degradation of the Insecticide Fenitrothion (Phosphorothioic Acid O, O-Dimethyl-O-( 3-Methyl-4-Nitro-Phenyl) Ester). Catal. Today, 27 (1-2) (1996) 215-220.

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