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Oxidative Coupling of Methane followed by Oligomerization to Liquids:
Towards sustainable production of high quality fuels and petrochemicals

OCMOL process

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The OCMOL partnership gathers 17 entities coming from 8 European countries and 1 non-European country. 7 OCMOL partners are companies, i.e., Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Johnson Matthey plc, LINDE AG, Compañía Española de Petróleos S.A., Haldor Topsoe A/S, INEOS N.V. and ENI S.p.A., with recognized expertise in the field of material development and process engineering. This pool of industrials is supported by 4 academic partners (Ghent University, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Universitetet i Oslo and University of Cambridge) and 5 experienced research organizations (CNRS - Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse et l’Environnement, STIFTELSEN SINTEF, CSIC - Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica, Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH and Boreskov Institute of Catalysis), which will bring their extensive knowledge on the various topics encompassed within the S&T scope of the project.

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