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BICYCLAR. A process for production of aromatic hydrocarbons

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An innovative technology for co–processing of C3-C5 hydrocarbons and methane to produce aromatic hydrocarbons from natural gas, associated gas, flare gas and other gas mixtures.

Processing of light hydrocarbons C3-C5 into aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylenes, etc.) in the presence or in the absence of methane is based on the application of modified zeolite catalysts with unique morphology of zeolite crystals to provide high yields of the aromatic compounds.
There is no need in hydrogen supply. The process is achieved using a fixed bed flow reactor loaded with noble metal-free zeolite catalyst of the IC-17-М family.
High yield of aromatic hydrocarbons:
       - up to 1.1 t/t С4          in the presence of methane
       - up to 0.65 t/t С4        in the absence of methane
Utilization of light hydrocarbons
Co-processing of olefin and paraffin hydrocarbons
Low energy consumption
Process conditions
Temperature, °С 480-570
Pressure, МPа 0.1-1.0
Flow rate, h-1 up to 1600
The process was tested at a pilot scale (1000 t/y of feed).

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