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Vesti Novosibirsk. Dress against Viruses: Novosibirsk Scientists Develop Fabric for Medical Wear

17 April 2020

Photocatalytic filters are an R&D product of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis. They are installed in the stationary air purifiers. When exposed to ultraviolet they kill harmful microorganisms. The scientists decided to improve the technology and find domestic use for it.

“We develop the materials that would be active under the artificial light indoor and sunlight outdoor,” explained Dmitry Selishchev, senior researcher of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis.

The studies are conducted on cotton fabric, with a special solution applied to it.

The shining liquid in the test-tube is the solution based on the natural mineral, titanium dioxide, mixed with other elements. The tiny particles of the composition are incorporated into the structure of cotton fibers. The researchers are satisfied with the chemical composition of the fabric samples. The compound is not washed out. The material looks similar to the common one but it can kill viruses.

“The fabric can be used for making medical wear, for interior design,” says Denis Kozlov, the head of laboratory of photo- and electrocatalysis of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis. “For example, the curtains made of self-cleaning fabric would work as air purifiers.”

The studies came to their closing stage. The researchers perfect the composition of the solution, plan to produce it in large amounts, and look for the entrepreneurs who would undertake the manufacturing of the fabric and medical wear with the function of self-cleaning.

Source: Vesti Novosibirsk

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