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CCU "SKIF" plans to enter League of European Accelerator based-Photon Sources

29 May 2020

Center of collective use "Siberian Ring Photon Source" plans to enter League of European Accelerator based-Photon Sources, LEAPS, according to Evgeniy Levichev, the head of the CCU SKIF Project Office at BIC, director deputy of Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. It is necessary for exchanging information and experience on the construction of large research complexes.

Information exchange and new partners

«We planned to visit the European and Asian synchrotron centers in late spring or early summer, to have a look at the certain technical solutions engaged during their construction. Due to the pandemics we search for other ways of interaction with people who has experience in construction of such powerful complexes. Here we count on the help of the League of European Accelerator based-Photon Sources, LEAPS. We are negotiating now how to enter it and receive access to the necessary information," — said Levichev.

According to Aleksey Vasiliev, Minister of science and innovation policy of Novosibirsk region, the experience of construction of the world synchrotron centers can help in selecting the solutions for the infrastructure associated with CCU SKIF. "We need to reveal the elements of the medium in which the best complexes abroad work, so that the infrastructure we create here matched the tasks of the researchers. It includes the accommodation, systems of food service, transportation, medical and educational organizations and recreation," — he noted.

LEAPS unites the synchrotron sources and free-electron lasers and includes the largest synchrotron centers of the world — MAX IV in Sweden, ESRF and SOLEIL in France, DESY in Germany, Diamon Light Source in the Great Britain, etc. The purpose of the consortium is to maintain the quality and productivity of the basic and applied research at the objects.

The CCU SKIF Project Office also discusses the collaboration with the European company Cosylab that opened its representational office in Siberia, in Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. They develop the software for the operating of large research complexes. Other opportunities are also considered. "We hope that the cutting-edge technologies of the operating of large physical complexes would "sprout" in Siberia. We are going to vigorously study their experience, technologies, and to use them in our project," — said Levichev.

Location of the objects and architectural look of the CCU

The experts of the Central Design and Technology Institute of State Corporation Rosatom (the general design contractor of the project) conduct the geological, ecological and seismic studies at the site. The bore-hole drilling has been completed by half.

The work on the CCU location has been joined by the representatives of the administration of Novosibirsk region and of Koltsovo, as the problems of creation of the associated infrastructure, road junctions, hook-ups to public utilities are considered.

The general plan of disposition of the objects at the site has been virtually coordinated and should be approved in the nearest future, according to Levichev. Now the experts of the Project Office discuss the architectural look of the buildings that would match the landscape.

"We are working at the architectural look. On the one hand, it should catch one's eye. On the other, it is supposed that along with the CCU SKIF the adjacent territories will be developed, a new neighborhood will rise in Koltsovo, and there are their own architects with their territories such that, once there, the university graduates would think that they want to live and work there," — the head of the Project Office explained.

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