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General Layout of Accommodation of Facilities of CCU SKIF on Construction Site is Formed

15 July 2020

A scheme of accommodation of the facilities of the Center of Collective Use “Siberian Ring Photon Source” at the site in Koltsovo is formed, and an additional land plot is allotted for the construction, as Valerii Bukhtiyarov, Director of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, informed during the TASS press-conference. An alternative design of the architectural look of the Center has been decided on, and the general design contractor AO “TSPTI” is working through on it in collaboration with the experts from the regional Ministry of Construction.

“The general layout of accommodation of CCU SKIF has been formed. Upon scrutinizing the accommodation of all facilities we found out that the available land plot is not big enough. The Koltsovo Administration allotted an additional plot, and the paperwork for the joint site is being completed,” – said Valerii Bukhtiyarov. He added that the Koltsovo Administration and Ministry of Science and Higher Education of RF readily help the project in resolving the problems occurring in the course of designing.

Fragment of general layout of CCU SKIF. Design by AO “TSPTI”

According to Bukhtiyarov, the project’s participants and the administrations of Koltsovo and Novosibirsk oblast are actively discussing the development of the transport infrastructure and the prospective development of the adjacent territories.

Mikhail Tarasov, the General Director of AO “Tsentralny proektno-tekhnologicheski institut” of Rosatom (“Central Design and Technology Institute”, AO “TSPTI”), said that their experts have finished the first block of work within the state contract. The next stage would be the development of the design paperwork with all technological solutions and then the defense of this paperwork in Glavgosexpertiza (General Board of State Expert Review), their resolution expected to have been issued by the middle of 2021.

“In fact, we have finished the work on the complex engineering investigations, which are supposed to confirm that the site is good for construction. We have completed the detailed geodetic survey of the site, archeological and geological explorations by drilling about seven thousands linear meters. The core samples are sent to laboratory for detailed studying. The report is expected by the end of July, but we already have preliminary data confirming that the site is suitable for accommodating this complex object,” – he explained.

He noted that the experts of AO “TSPTI” along with their colleagues from Boreskov Institute of Catalysis and Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics are finishing the collecting of initial data on the non-standard technological equipment, which is supposed to be finished in July, and then they plan to proceed to the construction design.

According to Mikhail Tarasov, they select the cutting-edge technical solutions for the mega-science object. The architectural look, the alternative design of which has been determined, will be improved continually. “We developed three looks, differing fundamentally from each other in their decisions. The chosen look should become a part of the project paperwork. We are grateful to our colleagues from the relevant unit of the Novosibirsk oblast administration for their responsible estimate on what can be detailed and enhanced. I count on the continuing collaboration, and the architects would provide us with the feedback on what can be improved, and we will do it until the end of designing,” – said Tarasov.

Nikolai Krasnikov, the Mayor of Koltsovo, told that the creation of the comfortable environment in the naukograd continues non-stop, and the accommodation of the CCU should raise the level of this work. “The social infrastructure, in its ambitions and level, must be in line with the high standards of this project. We continue the development of this sphere. In each microdistrict we launch a kindergarten every year; a new school with five sport halls and a swimming pool has been just put in commission. In September an ice stadium will be completed, and a universal sport complex is being constructed. Our main task at the stage of designing of the CCU SKIF is to solve all problems, from the drives to the site up to the technical conditions, and to create a presentable urban environment,” – he noted.

CCU SKIF with the source of synchrotron radiation of the 4+ generation and energy of 3 GeV is being developed within the framework of the “Nauka” (“Science”) National Project. In its calculated user parameters the accelerating complex has no rival in the world. The synchrotron and the user infrastructure are planned to be completed by the end of 2023, and the studies at the first six stations are supposed to start by the end of 2024.  

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