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BIC as an educational center

Boreskov Institute of Catalysis places high emphasis to training of young scientists. On the basis of Institute a lot of students and PhD students are doing scientific practical works.

With that deep belief that people are a decisive factor and that the best way to educate is to teach others, many researchers of the Institute participate in the training of specialists in chemistry and, particularly, in catalysis, ensuring closest and time-tested links of the Institute with the main sources of researchers – Novosibirsk State University (NSU), Novosibirsk State Technical University ((STU) and Tomsk State University (TSU).

They present lectures, give seminars and practical classes; participate in the organization and renovation of the educational process at chairs:

  • Catalysis and Absorption, Department of Natural Sciences, NSU
  • Physical Chemistry, Department of Natural Sciences, NSU
  • Chemical and Biological Physics, Department of Physics, NSU
  • Low Temperatures, Department of Physics, NSU
  • Physical Methods to Study Solids (created last year), Department of Physics, NSU
  • Differential Equations, Mechanico-Mathematical Department, NSU
  • Environmental Engineering, Aircraft Department, NSTU
  • Chemical Technology Processes and Apparatuses, Department of Mechanics and Technology, NSTU
  • Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Chemical Department, TSU


Novosibirsk State University was established as an essential part of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences; it embodies the idea of the close integration of education and science. The chief mission of the University is to train professionals for scientific institutions of the country.

From its earliest age, the University pursues three fundamental principles. The first one is that the teachers are experts engaged in the real science. The intellectual basis of the University is more than 5000 scientists of 30 research institutes of the Siberian Branch. The second principle is a thorough mathematical background provided to students of all the departments. And the third principle means that the students master theoretical disciplines during their first three years and do their practical research in academic institutes of the Siberian Branch during the last years.

Boreskov Institute of Catalysis is a key element in the training of specialists in chemistry at NSU. More than 35 researchers of the Institute are currently part-time teachers at the Department of Natural Sciences (DNS) at NSU.

The Chair of Catalysis and Adsorption is of special importance for the Institute. It is only 5 years younger than Novosibirsk State University itself. The organization of the chair was initiated in 1964 by Academician G.K. Boreskov – the founder and first director of the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS. The chair is located at the Institute, which provides it with everything required for efficient training of students specializing in catalysis and technology of catalytic processes. Twenty five to thirty students of the IV, V and VI years of the Chemical Department of DNS are trained at the chair annually. Its graduates obtain Bachelors, Specialists and Masters diplomas. Graduation works of the students are conducted at the laboratories of the Institute and are supervised by experienced researchers. Their results are usually published in scientific journals and form the basis of their future Ph.D. theses.

From the first years, the strategy of the training of students at the chairs is formed by leading scientists of BIC and harmonically combines two aspects. On the one hand, curricula provide the students with deep theoretical and practical knowledge in catalysis, theory of the prevision of the catalytic action of substances, kinetics of catalytic reactions, scientific bases of the preparation of catalysts, bases of the technology of catalytic processes, application of modern physical and mathematical methods for investigation of catalysts and catalysis. On the other hand, the curricula allow for a significant widening of the sphere of the working activity of its graduates. They can work as technologists, production managers, researchers at various research organizations, teach at universities.

All this allows the students to prepare their graduation study at the highest scientific level and become widely informed specialists in chemistry and catalysis. The graduates of the chair of adsorption and catalysis are the principal source of recruitment of the personnel of the Institute.


Novosibirsk State Technical University is one of the largest research and educational centers of Russia. The University trains and retrains qualified specialists for research and industrial complex of Siberia and the Far East. Training of the personnel in the field of technology of catalytic processes is of special importance for practical application of fundamental knowledge in the field of catalysis. Progress in this direction is connected with the training of students specializing in "Environmental engineering in the fuel and energy complex" started at NSTU in 1998. It is one of the steps in realization of the program of joint training of specialists at NSTU and institutes of the Siberian Branch of RAS. The basic training is conducted by a Chair of Environmental Engineering (Aircraft Department) founded at the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, and Chair of Chemical Technology Processes and Apparatuses (Department of Mechanics and Technology)

Researchers of BIC present courses on industrial ecology and technology of the environment protection, basics of manufacturing and catalytic methods.

BIC – graduate school

Besides teaching students of a number of Russian universities, researchers of the Institute participate in the training of young scientists of the highest qualification capable of independent fundamental, search and applied studies in the field of catalysis. Their training has priority importance for the Institute and is directly related to its development and well being. The Institute solves these problems through the graduate school of SB RAS and graduate school of NSU. Annually 20-30 graduates are trained at the graduate school working at the Institute. Supervised by the researchers of the Institute, graduate students conduct their Ph.D. studies in chemical kinetics and catalysis, physical chemistry, chemical engineering in the BIC laboratories.

There is a great demand for specialists in catalysis trained at the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, both graduates of the chair of adsorption and catalysis and of the graduate school. Many of them apply their knowledge in these fields at various research centers, universities and manufacturing companies.

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