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Boreskov Institute of Catalysis was founded in 1958 as a part of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The founder and the first Director of the Institute till 1984 was academician Georgii Konstantinovich Boreskov.

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One of the main activity areas of the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis is fundamental investigations in catalytic science to discover new principles of chemical reactions and to create innovative catalytic compositions and technologies.



Boreskov Institute of Catalysis pays great attention to the training of young scientists. Each year more than 100 students and post-graduates are being trained at its research and educational facilities. The Institute collaborates with many educational organizations, including:



For more than half a century, the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis is at a cutting edge of innovative R&D for chemical and petrochemical industries, energy power, environmental protection.

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The International Conference on Chemical Reactors CHEMREACTOR-22 Finished in London

7 October 2016

On September 19 to 23 London hosted the 22nd International Conference on Chemical Reactors “CHEMREACTOR-22”.
Nearly 200 experts from more than 30 countries participated in the event.

The well-known “CHEMREACTOR” conference has a long history. The first extended session dedicated to the subject of chemical reactors was organized in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok in Institute of Catalysis SB AS USSR in the 1960s. The idea belonged to Mikhail Slin’ko, one of the most distinguished scientists in the field of catalysis and mathematical modeling of chemical processes and reactors, one of the founders of Institute of Catalysis, corresponding member of RAS. In a few years the session acquired the scale of conference and after a few years more it became international, taking place in different countries and cities of the world, in the large scientific centers engaged in the development of innovation chemical technologies.

Now “CHEMREACTOR” is a full-scale well-known conference. It is conducted biennially and traditionally gathers the internationally recognized scholars as well as the representatives of the large industrial companies, thus creating the platform for exchanging new ideas and discussing the last achievements by science and industry. Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS is a long-standing organizer of “CHEMREACTOR”.

This year for organizing the event BIC was joined by the world-known University College London, UCL. The conference co-chairs were the BIC director deputy Dr. Prof. Alexandr Noskov and Prof. Marc-Olivier Coppens (UCL).

“CHEMREACTOR” is distinct for combining the thoroughly fundamental presentations with the works of crucial practical significance. The conference covers the following directions:
  • Advances in chemical reactor fundamentals;
  • Chemical reaction engineering and reactor design – novel experimental approaches, modeling, scale-up and optimization;
  • Chemical reactors and technologies for targeted applications;
  • Advanced processing of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon feedstocks.

“CHEMREACTOR” has its own strong traditions. Since 2006 the conference is opened by an Honorary Lecture in the memory of its founder Prof. Mikhail Slin’ko. The Honorary Lector is elected by the International Scientific Committee of the conference which consists of 35 internationally recognized experts and is headed by the Scientific Adviser of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS Academician Valentin Parmon. In 2016 the honor to give the Lecture was awarded to the distinguished Belgian researcher Prof. Gilbert Froment. He chose to call his Lecture “Advanced Fundamental Kinetics for Commercial Hydrocarbon Conversion Processes”. This November Prof. Gilbert Froment plans to come to BIC with a cycle of lectures.

Prof. Gilbert Froment gives his Professor Mikhail Slin’ko Honorary Lecture

Another distinctive feature of “CHEMREACTOR” is the traditionally tight competition among the applicants for the oral presentations. On the one hand, it provides a high level of research presented at the conference, and on the other hand, the requirements to the quality of the work selecting are demanding. The selection is carried out by the International Program Committee of the conference headed by BIC senior researcher Prof. Andrei Zagoruiko.
In total six plenary and nine key lectures were given within the framework of the conference as well as 67 oral presentations. The poster session included about 100 contributions accompanied by 5-minute flash-presentations.

Discussion after a presentation. The question to the speaker is asked by one of the regular participants of “CHEMREACTOR” Prof. Mikhail Sinev (Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS)

The participants expressed vivid interest to the scientific program. The atmosphere of live communication and productive discussion surrounded the presentations. The especially highly recognized level of the plenary and key sessions was provided by the such well-known researchers as Vice-President of Chinese Academy of Science Prof. Jinghai Li, Prof. Murray Moo-Young of Waterloo University (Canada), Prof. Lynn Gladden of University of Cambridge (UK), Prof. David West of Sabic Company (USA), Prof. Sotiris E. Pratsinis of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (Switzerland), Prof. Mike Harold of University of Houston (USA), Prof. Frerich Keil of Hamburg University of Technology (Germany), Prof. Ian Metcalfe of Newcastle University (UK), Prof. Menka Petkovska of University of Belgrade (Serbia), Prof. Michail Stamatakis of University College London (UK), Prof. Enrico Tronconi of Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Prof. Ruud van Ommen of Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), Prof. Andrey Zagoruiko of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS (Russia), Prof. Xing-gui Zhou of East China University of Science and Technology (China).

Vice-President of Chinese Academy of Science Prof. Jinghai Li

A special thank was addressed to the secretariat of the conference, Tatiana Zamulina (BIC) and Dr. Alexey Bochenkov (UCL), who did an excellent job of organizing the event.

At the closing ceremony the authors of the best poster presentations were awarded the diplomas and prizes of the media-partners of the conference, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC, UK) and American Chemical Society (ACS Publishing).

Prof. David West of Sabic Company (USA)

The materials of “CHEMREACTOR” will be published in the special issues of Elsevier journals: Chemical Engineering & Processing – Process Intensification and Chemical Engineering Journal with the highest impact-factor among the world scientific periodicals in the field of chemical technology.

The next “CHEMREACTOR” is planned for 2018. As in all previous years, a serious competition is expected among the places running to host it.

Green marks the countries that have hosted “CHEMREACTOR”, orange marks the countries, the representatives of which participated in the conferences of the series

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