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Hydrotreatment of vacuum gasoil

катализатор для глубокой гидроочистки дизельных фракций .jpg

The catalyst is deliberately developed for hydrotreatment of vacuum gasoil (Tebp up to 560 °C) as the main feedstock for catalytic cracking process. The fine hydrotreatment of vacuum gasoil will allow low-sulfur gasoline to be produced and have a favorable effect on the operation of cracking units.

The catalyst is used as the main component in combined loading for production of stable hydrogenizate with the required purity level.

The catalysts texture is optimal for hydrotreatment of diesel fractions and vacuum gasoil.

Process specifications of hydrotreatment of vacuum gasoil over the catalyst
Purification level
LHSV, h-1
Inlet pressure, MPa, no less
5.0 -9.0
Hydrogen-containing gas to feed ratio, m3/m3 h, no less
Reactor temperature, °С
(starting/finishing period of the catalyst operation))
Sulfur weight fraction, %, no more:  
– in feedstock
– in product
Catalyst lifetime, year, no less
Service cycle, year, no less

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