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Autonomous thermal power generation

Autonomous thermal power generators of various capacities are developed for heat supply to private, municipal and industrial buildings. The operation is based on flameless catalytic combustion of different types of fuel.

The main advantages (against the traditional flare boilers) are:
- high heat efficiency (97–99 %) provided by complete fuel combustion and no heat loss at transportation
- low content of nitrogen and carbon oxides in exhaust gases (less than limit doses permissible) - safety
  (no flame

Catalytic heating units (CHU)

Combustion of solid fuel, including low-calorific fuel, in a fluidized catalyst bed at low temperature (700–750 °C) allows 10-fold reduction of toxic exhaust (nitrogen and sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide) to the atmosphere.

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воздухонагреватель.jpg Catalytic air heater

The units are used for direct air heating of non-living buildings. The content of toxic compounds (nitrogen and sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide) is no more than the indoor limit doses permissible. The efficiency of fuel combustion and heat consumption is no less than 99%.

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