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A catalytic technology for processing of associated petroleum gas at the areas of oil extraction


The technology for mild steam reforming (MSR) of hydrocarbons allows associated petroleum gas (APG) of variable composition to be converted to gas mixtures comprising mainly methane and/or commercial natural gas at the sites of oil extraction including remote oil fields.

The MSR technology allows

Generation of extra gas volumes via catalytic selective conversion of all C2+ hydrocarbon constituents of APG.

APG processing to fuel for gas-piston and gas-turbin power plants to generate heat and electric power for field and municipal applications at the sites of oil extraction.

20–30 % increase in the capacity of power plants due to a decrease in the APG burning heat and of the Wobbe index down to the standard levels at approaching the methane number to the optimal values for most gas-piston and gas-turbin plants.

In-place pretreatment of APG to meet requirements for the marketable natural gas to be pumped to gas transmittal pipelines.

Environmental improvement at the areas of oil extraction.

МПР PNG.jpg     
Comparative data on the operation of gas engines
fueled with initial APG fueled with converted APG

  A decrease in the engine power by 22% against the rated power.

  Smoked waste gases due to
   incomlete burning of the fuel.

  An increase in the engine power up to rated power.

  A decrease in contens of CO and hydrocarbons in waste gases.

  Improvement of engine dynamic and stability.

  Liwer exprenses of energy and heat supply to oil extracting enterprises.


The MSR technology was tested using a pilot bench with the real APG . Engineering basis of the MSR technology was developed for manufacturing of the package modular plant and commercialization.

A pilot MSR plant (300 nm3/h capacity) was assembled and tested at the oil field in Omsk Region.

Industrial testing of MSR technology
Conversion temperature,°С 250-350 ustanovka msr.jpg
Molar ratio H2O/С
(for C2+ fraction only)
Molar ratio H2O/С
(for all HC fractions)
Increased methane content
in conversion products, no less
Conversion of C 2+
hydrocarbons, %
Innovative solutions

The technology of mild steam reforming was the first in the world practice to process APG to the standard fuel and/or commercial natural gas at the areas of oil extraction.

Methods for the MSR catalyst treatment and activation at the sites of their employment were developed and put into practice.

The data of pinch-analysis were used for engineering and choice of technological solutions, calculations of heat- and mass exchange to provide the maximal efficiency of the plant operation.


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