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Catalytic air heater

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Provides economic and ecologically friendly fuel combustion, low metal consumption, reliable operation.
Heating of greenhouses, warehouses, working and service areas.

The operation is based on two-stage combustion of liquid or gaseous (natural gas) fuel.
The first stage is fuel flaring.
The produced fuel gas is mixed with air using a centrifugal vent to reach the required temperature and fed to the second chamber bearing a honeycomb monolith catalyst. At 400–800°C, the catalytic cartridge provides the full oxidation of carbon monoxide and products of fuel incomplete burning, as well as reduction of nitrogen oxides.

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A series of 0.03 to 3.0 MW heat power units in a variety of sizes and shapes have been developed

Specifications (a 90 kW air heater)
Natural gas flow rate, m3/h 9.1
Air productivity, m3/h 5000
Air heating, °C, no less plus 50
Heating efficiency,% 99


Content of toxic compounds in the heated outlet air is below MAC of the work space.
These are, mg/m3   MAC* in fact
СОx 20 13
NOx  5  3
SOx 10  9
CnHy 300 30
* MAC are Russian standards on maximum allowable concentration
The units of 100 kW capacity are commercially used in greenhouse farms Russia wide.

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