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Catalytic heating units (CHU)

A variety of the units run on solid fuels, including low-calorific fuels.
CHU power ranges from 0.2 to 12 Gcal/h.

Autonomous heating and hot-water supply to private, municipal and industrial buildings, farms, as well as emergency heat sources.

The operation is based on the fuel combustion in a fluidized catalyst bed at the temperature below 750 °C
with the heat released through heat-exchange plates mounted directly in the catalyst bed.

Advantages and specifications
(Solid fuel units)
Parameters   Boiler
(NEC, St.-Peterburg)
Calorific powerGcal/h Gcal/h 0.2 0.2
Heat utilization efficiency, % 75 93
Boiler volume, m3 7.5 0.45
Fuel combustion temperature, °С 1100 700
  in fact
Emission of toxic compounds, mg/s NOx 22.8 53 7.0
SOx 13.4 60 5.0
CO 268 604 47.5
The units are commercially produced in Russia кту.jpg


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