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More than a half of the world overall organic products and more than one third of the overall products of chemical industries are petrochemicals produced through processing of hydrocarbons of oil and natural gas.

The problems in boosting the unit power, enhancing the process selectivities to save raw materials, reduction of energy consumption can be handled through improvement and development of new petrochemical processes, technological facilities, and catalysts.

  CDM series microspherical catalysts for fluidized bed dehydrogenation of paraffins

With microspherical aluminochromium catalysts applied for dehydrogenation of isobutane into isobutylene, the feedstock unit consumption is decreased by 4 wt %, the catalyst loading is as low as one third to one fourth, the process temperature is reduced by 20 °C, the coke formation is 1.5–2 times decreased.

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