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New materials

New materials make one of the most important areas for sustainable progress in all sectors of industry, building, medicine, services. Creation of compounds and materials with controlled and required properties is a challenge at the current stage of nonatechnologies.

УНВ.jpg Carbon nanofiber materials

Catalytic pyrolysis of oil associated gases, wasted organic chloride and different C1–C4 hydrocarbons is used for synthesis of carbon nanofibers (50–250 nm diameter, up to 0.5 mm length) varied in morphology.

мунт.jpg Multiwall carbon nanotubes  

The procedure used for synthesis of nanotubes allows their outer diameter and the number of walls to be controlled interntionally (7 to 20 nm and 5 to 14 walls, respectively).
The tubes are 5 to 25 μm in average length.

аэрогель.jpg Silica aerogel

Low dense (0.03 to 0.30 g/cm3) high-porous (80 tp 99 %) large-size aerogel blocks (200×200×50 mm) are prepared. Their unique optical, heat- and sound-insulating properties make them widely applicable (sound proofing, thermal insulation, dielectrics, energy charged particle detectors etc.).


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