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Oil & gas processing

Strengthening of requirements for rational utilization of natural resources and environmental protections, that leads to growing demand for high-quality motor fuel, give us an impetus to develop:

- simple and economical technologies for oil and gas processing to produce motor fuels

- catalytic technologies for on-site processing of hydrocarbon raw materials instead of wasting or flaring them (e.g., LP oil associated gas etc.)

- catalysts for improving processes of oil distillate hydrotreatment

A catalytic technology for processing of associated petroleum gas at the areas of oil extraction

The proposed technology for mild steam reforming (MSR) of associated petroleum gas is based on selective conversion of all C2+ hydrocarbon constituents to the standard fuel for gas-piston and gas-turbin power plants and/or to the commercial natural gas irrespectively of the composition of initial APG.

 катализатор для глубокой гидроочистки дизельных фракций ик со ран3.jpg Hydrotreatment of diesel fractions

BIC’s proprietary aluminocobaltmolybdenum catalysts ensure the production of diesel fuel to meet Euro-5 standards for sulfur content.

 катализатор для глубокой гидроочистки дизельных фракций ик со ран.jpg Hydrotreatment of vacuum gasoil

The developed aluminocobaltmolybdenum catalysts provide fine hydrotreatment of vacuum gasoil (feedstock for cracking) to produce low-sulfur gasoline, diesel fuel and to stabilize the operation of cracking plants.


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