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Silica aerogel

Nonflammable ecologically sound highly transparent and light material with the unique optical, heat-and sound- insulating properties.

The BIC’s proprietary technology allows the most transparent large-size silica aerogel units to be synthesized.

Unit size, mm 200х200х50
Diameter of spherical granules, mm 3–5
Density, g/cm 3 0,03 to 0,30
Porosity, % 80 to 99
Pore volume, m3/g 4 to 14
УSpecific surface area, m sup>2/g 400 to 900
Optical parameters
Refractive index 1.006 to 1.060
Scattering length at λ = 400 nm 40 to 60 mm
Absorption length at λ= 400 nm more than 400 сm
The aerogel is fabricated in the form of blocks and spherical granules.
The blocks are used for assembling a number of aerogel detectors.

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